Kumeyaay Elementary School Foundation

Each month, we feature exceptional foundation members and highlight one activity or initiative funded by the Foundation. We hope that by getting to know who we are and what we do, you too will be inspired to share your time and talents with our school community.

Featured Activity: Music Enrichment with Mrs. Lisa Solis

Music enrichment at Kumeyaay emphasizes movement and exploration meant to develop our students’ entire being: personality, intellect and emotions. Our energetic and talented music teacher, Mrs. Lisa Solis, holds more than 15 years of teaching experience and has been a principal vocalist for various bands and musical theatre groups. Our Foundation supports the music program by funding Mrs. Solis’ position as well as equipping the music room with instruments and teaching materials. Recently, the Foundation purchased new props for the Tribal Meeting monthly performances, which are grade-level musical routines choreographed and directed by Mrs. Solis.

Featured Foundation Members

Name: Deanne Bowman (5 years of service)

Foundation Service: Fine Artists Supply Coordinator, Family Dance Coordinator, Dine to Donate Coordinator; Teacher Lounge makeover and Library Renovation volunteer.

Proudest Activity or Accomplishment:  I am most proud of the family dance.  It was such a successful event and the kids had so much fun.  I loved seeing all of the families come together to just have fun!

Motivation to Participate in Foundation: I dedicate my time to the foundation because I know our kids will reap the rewards of what we do.  They deserve to have amazing learning experiences in all different areas/ subjects and I feel our science, art and music programs are top notch.  I want our kids to be well rounded.

Skills I Bring to the Foundation: I have managed sales teams over the years and worked in sales.  I use time management and organizational skills to get things done.  I am not afraid to ask for things that we need because people can say, "no" if they want, but you can't get a, "yes" if you don't ask.  I am always "selling" how great Kumeyaay is.

What I Want Fellow Kumeyaay Parents to Know About the Foundation:  I want parents of our community to know that it doesn't have to be a "full time job" to be a part of the foundation.  Any amount of time they have will help and they will become a part of an amazing group of people!  Their children will appreciate what they do for their school.

Name: Christina George (6 years of service)

Foundation Service: Secretary (2 years), eScrip Chair, Entertainment Books Chair & Co-Chair (3 years), Barnes and Noble Chair, Website Administrator (2 years), Facebook Chair, Spring Fling: Live & Silent Auction Chair (3 years), Raffle Chair (4 years), Catering Chair.

Proudest Activity or Accomplishment:  The Live and Silent auction is the most meaningful activity to me. It has enabled us to raise the most amount of money with the work put into it by a group of dedicated individuals. I get to work with amazing parents every year who have the same goal in mind. And, I’ve made some deep, meaningful relationships along the way including with my co-chair who I couldn't do it without.

Motivation to Participate in Foundation: Wanting all kids to get the best education and experience out of school is what drives me to volunteer year after year.  It feels good to be able to come together with a dedicated group of volunteers to make sure our kids don't miss out on what is most important.  I truly love kids and want to see them reach their full potential and if I can help them by donating my time or efforts, that is what makes me smile and that is what my son will always remember: that his mom always gave back and made things possible for him.

Skills I Bring to the Foundation: Having a background in finance, business, management and sales has helped me to reach out and network with people locally to help get them involved at Kumeyaay. This is partly why I’ve been able to take on multiple roles at the Foundation.  My attention to detail and organization has helped me to communicate effectively with the teachers, parents and students about events throughout the years. 

What I Want Fellow Kumeyaay Parents to Know About the Foundation: The Foundation is like no other organization I have been a part of.  The parents who volunteer endlessly are extremely humble and dedicated to the children at Kumeyaay.  It really is a special group of people who make Kumeyaay feel and perform like a private school.  I have had a chance to speak to parents at other schools, and their children don't experience the art and the science labs and the music programs that we have.  When you understand what it is we do, you become empowered and really want to help out to make a difference.  

Name: Linda Soimany (3 years of service)

Foundation Service: 2015 Spring Fling Co-Chair and Catering Chair; 2016 Spring Fling Chair; Co-Chair for Spring Fling Catering, Entertainment, Marketing, Program, Venue and Decorations; 2017 Chair for Spring Fling, Live & Silent Auction, Raffle, and Venue; Co-Chair for Marketing.

Proudest Activity or Accomplishment: I’m honored to have had and currently chair the Spring Fling Fundraiser.  The Spring Fling Fundraiser is one of the key fundraising events organized by the Foundation and raises about 20% of our annual goal.

Motivation to Participate in Foundation: It’s my motivation to understand how the finances, activities and fundamentals all affect my children’s education and growing environment.

Skills I Bring to the Foundation: My professional and educational background in business management and event planning has afforded me an opportunity to contribute to the Foundation and the annual Spring Fling Fundraisers.

What I Want Fellow Kumeyaay Parents to Know About the Foundation: The Foundation consists of parents who make time in their chaotic schedules to contribute, take action and participate. These are parents who care and want to be involved.  They are influential individuals who voice and listen to matters both big and small that impact their children’s school.