Kumeyaay Elementary School Foundation
Each month, we feature exceptional foundation members and highlight one activity or initiative funded by the Foundation.

We hope that by getting to know who we are and what we do, you too will be inspired to share your time and talents with our school community.

Featured Activity: Science Lab with Mrs. Gay Young

Science laboratory instruction at Kumeyaay is a dynamic, hands on experience for all children. Our award-winning teacher, Mrs. Young, works tirelessly to create activities that are engaging, inspiring and, sometimes even explosive! Our Foundation supports the science program by funding Mrs. Young’s position as well as the equipment and materials needed to conduct experiments. For example, in 2015-16, the Foundation provided funds to recalibrate all microscopes—something that hadn’t been done since the microscopes were acquired, more than 15 years ago! We also replaced dissection kits and helped offset the cost of the school’s participation in science competitions.

Featured Foundation Members

Name: Julie Butts, (5 years of service)

Foundation Service: Current president (2016-17); Yearbook Committee co-chair, Fine Artists Coordinator, Logo Wear Coordinator, Foundation Community Chair; PTA secretary (as of 2 years ago, the Foundation and PTA merged to become a single parent organization).

Proudest Activity or Accomplishment: The Yearbook is one of my favorite activities because it’s a reflection of the amazing things our children get to be a part of at Kumeyaay.

Motivation to Participate in Foundation: Watching the things we do at Kumeyaay evolve and knowing we’ve made a difference is what motivates me to serve on the Foundation.

Skills I Bring to the Foundation: The skills I developed in managing a law firm, prior to becoming a stay at home mom, have helped me in organizing the great group of volunteers we have working with the Foundation.  As a manager, you’re somewhat of a casting director.  It’s important to cast people in the right roles.  The better fit for the role the happier people are in what they are doing.

What I Want Fellow Kumeyaay Parents to Know About the Foundation: The Kumeyaay Foundation and our school community is something special. It’s something that is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t been a part of our school.  I have talked with countless families who have come to us from different schools or who have moved on to other schools.  I believe what we have is special but to hear other families share their thoughts and experiences with me is validation of the positive things we are doing.

Name: Rita Jamil-Clovis (8 years of service)

Foundation Service: Gift Card Committee Chair; Shoe Drive Coordinator; Mixed Bags Fundraiser Co-Chair; Spring Fling Wine Bottle Raffle and Program Editor Chair.

Proudest Activity or Accomplishment:  I am proud of my work with gift cards. I tackled this task alone as a first grade parent and built up the program from $1600 profit to $4000 profit last year (with the help of my co-chair).

Motivation to Participate in Foundation: My participation in the Foundation is primarily driven by my concern about inadequate public school financial support, particularly the strain on our school. Furthermore, the commitment to fundraising and volunteerism provided by my fellow Kumeyaay parents fuels my desire to continue volunteering.

Skills I Bring to the Foundation: I believe the years of volunteering in high school and college formed the foundation for my current work at Kumeyaay.  Furthermore, my career as a Physician Assistant facilitates networking and better communication with the community.

What I Want Fellow Kumeyaay Parents to Know About the Foundation: The Kumeyaay Foundation is composed of an amazing, talented, hard-working group of parents that together strive to maintain the programs and classes crucial to the learning environment of our children.  This includes, but is not limited to, Science, Art, Technology, Gardening and School Beautification.  And just as important, it is a chance for parents to come together to form long lasting relationships and friendships.

Name: Jill DeFratis-Robinson (5 years of service)

Foundation Service: Past Foundation President (2014-15; 2015-16), Spring Fling Event Chair; Spring Fling Catering Chair; Spring Fling Bar Co-Chair

Proudest Activity or Accomplishment:  I am proud of the administrative changes I helped make during my presidency, which included the merging of the Foundation and PTA into one cohesive parent group, a better website/online presence and a shift away from multiple fundraisers.

Motivation to Participate in Foundation: I truly believe that to improve our children’s education, we all have to be involved. Modeling a life of service is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child.

Skills I Bring to the Foundation: I work as a clinical trial manager for global oncology programs. This work requires me to lead teams and multitask. These skills have helped me triage the school's needs and push us towards bigger goals during my time as president.

What I Want Fellow Kumeyaay Parents to Know About the Foundation: The Kumeyaay Foundation funds 100% of the applied science instruction with Mrs. Young, musical instruction with Mrs. Solis and Fine Artists program. If EVERY parent gave a little bit of their time and/or resources our school could become even better.