Support our school by participating in Kumeyaay’s eScrip program. eScrip is a unique and easy fund-raising program—there is no cost to participate and the potential to generate funds for our school is great.

eScrip merchants contribute a percentage of the purchases you make using your Vons Club Card, Macy's cards, and other credit/debit cards that are registered with eScrip. Our success depends on the participation of every Kumeyaay family (and even extended family & friends!). By enrolling in eScrip, you can start today to help support valuable programs such as science and music that greatly enhance your child’s educational experience at Kumeyaay. Register online today!

Are you currently enrolled in eScrip and want to register additional credit & debit cards (including your MACY'S card) to help earn even larger contributions for Kumeyaay Elementary? Simply go to, select "my eScrip" and sign in (you will need to request a password at this time if you do not already have one), and go to Account Administration to register your credit & debit cards. Now you're ready to shop at the many local and online eScrip merchants!

Please enroll today!

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