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Kumeyaay Elementary School Foundation

The Foundation at Kumeyaay is a 501(c)3 non-profit fundraising organization which was created to raise money for needed educational programs at Kumeyaay that are not funded by the school district. We work with the school, parents, the local community, and small and large businesses to support Kumeyaay Elementary.

What we do

The Foundation is solely responsible for providing funding so that Kumeyaay students receive alternate weekly instruction in science lab and a music class. The Foundation also funds the Fine Artists Program, where our children learn about famous artists and experiment with fine-art techniques.

What we have done

In addition to funding Science, Music and Art instruction for all students, the Foundation supports the school in other areas. Here are some of the projects undertaken since 2015.

  • New Sound System—State of the art sound system, speakers and microphones for use at all Tribal Meetings and other school-wide events, such as the Halloween Parade and the Annual Variety Show.
  • Library Renovation—Complete overhaul of the library including new furniture, carpet, tile floor, window treatments, paint and reading nook; professional artists created murals and more. Over 1500 new books gifted through a partnership with Barnes and Noble.
  • Expansion of School Garden—Our community garden built drought-resistant wicking beds, provided a pumpkin seedling for each student to take home, and implemented the Garden to Table program.
  • Classroom Grants—Funds for each classroom to cover materials that otherwise the teacher would purchase, training opportunities to better support curriculum instruction, and subscriptions to Scholastic news magazine.
  • Staff Lounge Make-Over—Renovation of staff lounge including new paint, reading area, and art mural.